Controlling algae growth in Greenhouses – Safe, Organic, and Cost Effective

Controlling algae growth in Greenhouses – Safe, Organic, and Cost Effective

Algae is a common problem in greenhouses. Not only is it unsightly, it damages irrigation systems, affects plant growth, and will become a general safety hazard for employees if left untreated. Controlling algae growth it can be tricky if you are not using the right product.

Effective algae control for greenhouses

Effective greenhouse algae control starts at the water source. If a water source is contaminated with algae spores, these spores will quickly multiply and coat the insides of pipes. This build up further contaminates the water, spreading algae growth throughout the greenhouse.

Oxcide + Deposition Control is a safe, cost effective way to treat and control algae growth in greenhouses. This OMRI organic approved product is added to your water source prevents algae spores from building up in your pipes and on the surfaces in your greenhouse. It breaks down the physical structure of algae, allowing it to wash away instead of sticking to surfaces.

Oxcide + Deposition Control water treatment prevents algae growth at the source

Our customers have been very happy with their results using Oxcide + Deposition Control. The product begins working immediately after installation, breaking down the structure of algae inside pipes and on surfaces. Results will become visible within weeks and continually improve with water use. Oxcide + Deposition Control is safe, approved for organic use, and it is a great cost effective option for treating and controlling algae.

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